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21 - 24 October 2021

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Held in the heart of Indonesia’s busiest metropolis, Jakarta Independent Film Festival welcomes the best independent filmmakers from around the world! We want to showcase stories of different genres, styles, and from different countries! We are looking for stories that capture the imagination, talent, and diversity of independent filmmakers, which will leave audiences in awe. 


A panel of international judges will be selecting the best films in each category, to create a unique and exciting program for two nights of screening. Filmmakers will get a chance to win and have their films screened.

Jakarta Independent Film Festival is organized by HF Productions' Indonesian branch, an international production company run by a collective of independent filmmakers, producers and marketing professionals. Our mission is to create a collection of film festivals that support independent filmmakers in a very competitive and often unfair industry. We believe there is disenchantment with the anonymity and exclusivity of the festival circuit. We aim to provide a support system for emerging talents and independent filmmakers, based entirely on their skill set and passion. 


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